25×100×200mm Tungsten Copper Block

25×100×200mm tungsten copper block is prepared by powder metallurgy method, which has good electrical and thermal conductivity, good high temperature strength and certain plasticity. At very high temperature, such as above 3000 °C, the copper in the alloy is liquefied and evaporated, and a large amount of absorption Heat, reducing the surface temperature of the material.

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25×100×200mm Tungsten Copper Block Picture

25×100×200mm Tungsten Copper Block Picture

An important use of 25×100×200mm tungsten copper block is as high-temperature components such as gas rudders, nozzles, throat linings, and nose cones that are ablated and washed by high-temperature, high-speed airflow such as rockets and missiles. In addition, it can also be used as a tank cover for tank armor-piercing projectiles, an extended-range tail nozzle, and a track material for an electromagnetic gun.

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