Tungsten Copper Contact Tip

In the production of tungsten copper contact tip, the contactor of the composite material was developed in consideration of the cost of use of the customer. After actual use, it can reach the performance standards of similar foreign products and export to the United States, Canada, Europe and other places.

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Tungsten Copper Contact Tip Picture

Tungsten Copper Contact Tip Picture

When the welding temperature is high, the hardness of the chromium zirconium copper, silver copper, and phosphor bronze materials decreases at a temperature of 500 °, resulting in a low service life. The tungsten copper contact tip material maintains very good hardness, which increases the life of the tip. The submerged arc welding machine is prevented from being shut down due to the gland and the wire feeding caused by the soft deformation of the electric contact nozzle at high temperature, thereby improving the use efficiency.

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