Green Bullet: Tungsten Alloy Bullet

Tungsten alloy bullet is a kinetic projectile that made of environmentally friendly tungsten alloy so that it is well-known as a green bullet. Tungsten alloy bullets are developed by researchers to avoid environmental pollution caused by lead bullets. What is more important is that tungsten alloy bullets have higher accuracy, lethality and penetrability than lead bullets. So, there is no doubt that tungsten alloy will be widely used to replace lead as the bullet material.

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green bullet: tungsten alloy bullet image

In 1999, it has been reported that the United States would begin using new tungsten bullets. The new copper shell tungsten bullet was designed using tungsten-polymer composites instead of the old lead/antimony alloy as bullet core. And at that time, the U.S. military had planned to produce 1 million tungsten alloy bullets to replace all the military's bullets. However, due to high cost, the plan did not work. Now, tungsten alloy bullets are made in varied shapes and constructions depending on the intended applications, including specialized dings such as hunting, target shooting, training and combat.

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