Tungsten Alloy Cluster Bomb

Tungsten alloy cluster bomb, which is also known as tungsten alloy cluster munition, is a container filled with small explosive bombs called “sub-munitions.” This container may be a shell, rocket, missile, or other device. Dropped from an aircraft or fired from the ground, it opens in the air and releases the tungsten alloy sub-munitions. This scatters a carpet of bombs over a large area without any degree of accuracy, to attack cluster targets such as cluster tanks, armored combat vehicles, military assembly sites, or large area targets such as airport runways.

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tungsten alloy cluster bomb picture

Tungsten alloy cluster bombs are produced in many countries now although cluster bombs have been banned under the Convention on Cluster Munitions since 2010 no matter what material it is made of. What does the Convention on Cluster Munitions say? The Convention on Cluster Munitions (Oslo Convention) entered into force in August 2010. It has been signed by 119 States. The Convention bans the use, production, trade, and stockpiling of cluster bombs. It also requires States parties to provide victim assistance and to clear contaminated areas.

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