Tungsten Alloy Shot

Tungsten alloy shot, which is also known as tungsten alloy bullet or tungsten alloy pellet, is a specially designed shot for shotguns. Why tungsten alloy shot is special? Because tungsten alloy is a green alloy that is low-toxic to animals, environment and human beings. So, do you know why choose tungsten alloy shots instead of lead shots?

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Lead shot can poison prey. And even those animals that indirectly eat the dead animals shot by lead bullets will also be influenced. Then, what will happen if people eat these preys? While tungsten alloy shot for shotgun is a lead-free ammunition, which is environmentally friendly of high density about 18 g/cm3, higher than that of lead bullets, and has the characteristics of high hardness and high temperature resistance. Therefore, tungsten alloy has become the most popular material for fabricating shotgun bullets. ChinaTungsten Online provides tungsten alloy shot with different surfaces (polished and sintered surfaces) and different specifications.

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