Tungsten Carbide Thread Milling Cutter with an Edge

Tungsten carbide thread milling cutter with an edge is a solid carbide, single-row milling cutter that has extremely sharp edges. Such a tungsten carbide thread milling cutter is suitable for universal use, and is available as standard for producing a thread length up to 2 x D. It demonstrates its special capabilities and efficiency when machining steels, stainless steels, cast iron, non-ferrous metals and in particular hard-to-cut materials used in the medical sector.

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tungsten carbide thread milling cutter with an edge image

ChinaTungsten Online tungsten carbide thread milling cutters have been proving themselves in the production of clean, high quality threads from M3 to M12 for many years. As the single-row milling cutters can be used for different pitches, a high degree of flexibility is provided. Also, high-quality tungsten carbide cutters of different specifications are available according to your drawings at reasonable prices. So, why not choose our solid carbide cutters?

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