High Precision Tungsten Carbide Blade

High precision tungsten carbide blade refers to all kinds of blades made of ordinary cemented carbide, fine-grained cemented carbide, subfine-grained cemented carbide or ultrafine-grained cemented carbide.

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high precision tungsten carbide blade picture

Such a tungsten carbide blade has the advantages of sharp edges, high processing accuracy, smooth and burr-free surface, high hardness, good wear resistance, high temperature resistance, high strength, superior heat stability, good thermal shock resistance, excellent anti-oxidation performance, good corrosion resistance to chemicals, strong anti-deformation performance in high temperature, and long usage lifetime.

High precision tungsten carbide blade can be divided into tungsten carbide circular blade, tungsten carbide disc cutter, tungsten carbide fan-shaped blade, tungsten carbide special-shaped blade, tungsten carbide CNC blade, tungsten carbide woodworking blade, tungsten carbide welding blade, tungsten carbide indexable insert, tungsten carbide machine clamp blade, tungsten carbide mask machine blade, etc., according to different classification methods such as shape and application.

ChinaTungsten Online has been committed to R&D, manufacturing and sales of tungsten carbide products for more than 23 years. Our carbide products have been sold to many countries and regions in the world. We can provide high precision tungsten carbide blades according to your drawings at reasonable prices.

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