Tungsten Carbide Circular Blade

Tungsten carbide circular blade is a circular disc or blade without any tooth, or a toothed disc or blade, to cut different materials. Such a circular blade can be made of sub-fine grain tungsten carbide powder by high-temperature and low-pressure sintering after precise molding. The metallographic structure of the product is dense, which effectively reduces the micropores in the blade, improves the compactness, avoids the edges collapse when fine grinding and using, and improves the smoothness of the cutting section.

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tungsten carbide circular blade image

By using high-precision grinding machine to sharpen the cutting edge, tungsten carbide circular blade has characteristics of high processing accuracy, high finish with mirror effect (Ra≥0.012), sharp cutting edge, smooth surface, no chipping and curling phenomenon.

Tungsten carbide circular blade is durable and is mainly used for slitting paper, film, gold foil, silver foil, aluminum foil, copper foil, magnetic tape and other items. The cutting of these materials requires the blade to have the lowest cutting resistance, the maximum wear resistance, and smooth cut.

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