Tungsten Carbide Sawtooth Blade

Tungsten carbide sawtooth blade is a machine tool for cutting. Such a tungsten carbide blade is produced by powder metallurgy and has the characteristics of durability, high strength, high hardness, high impact resistance, good wear resistance, and high temperature resistance. For example, sintered tungsten carbide - cobalt blades are very abrasion resistant and can also withstand higher temperatures than standard high-speed steel blades.

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Applications of Tungsten Carbide Sawtooth Blade
1. Timber: A saw blade for cutting ordinary wood, logs, hard wood, recycled wood, etc.
2. Soft metal: A special cutting blade for non-ferrous metals and soft metals such as aluminum alloy, copper, lead, and iron, etc.
3. Plates: A professional cutting blade for solid wood boards, industrial plywood, high-density boards, painted boards and sandwich boards.
4. Steel: For professional cutting of steel, metal, etc.
5. Industrial materials: Cutting and processing of plastic, and PVC, etc.

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