Military Tungsten Alloy Swaging Rod

Military tungsten alloy swaging rod made of 93% W-Ni-Fe has higher tensile strength than common tungsten alloy rod. Also, such a military swaging rod has many other good properties. So, it is mainly used to manufacture rifle bullets, sniper rifle bullets, and warheads of kinetic energy penetrator.

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military tungsten alloy swaging rod image

Tungsten alloy swaging rod applied for military defense has characteristics of high melting point, high density, small volume, high hardness, high wear resistance, high elongation, high tensile strength and high temperature resistance. Its processing process mainly includes the steps of mixing, pressing, sintering, heat treatment and rotary forging, etc. Wherein, the strength of military swaging rods can be increased by continuously performing heat treatment and rotary forging.

The tensile strength of military tungsten alloy swaging rods provided by ChinaTungsten Online can reach 1400MPa, and its specifications are shown as following as:
1. Diameter: 12mm~20mm, length: less than 400mm;
2. Diameter: 20mm~400mm, length: less than 500mm.

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