Tungsten Alloy Counterweight Crankshaft

Tungsten alloy crankshaft is an important part of the engine cast from tungsten alloy. After the main rotating part of the engine is installed with a connecting rod, it can accept the up and down (reciprocating) motion of the connecting rod into cyclic (rotary) motion. The rotation of the crankshaft is the power source of the engine. It is also the source of power for the entire mechanical system.

The tungsten alloy counterweight crankshaft is used to balance the rotational inertia force and torque generated by the connecting rod big end, connecting rod journal and crank, etc., so that the engine crankshaft runs smoothly. Some counterweight crankshafts are integrated with the crankshaft and are an extension of the crankshaft, while others are made into separate parts and fixed on the crankshaft with bolts.

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