Metatungstic Acid

Metatungstic acid is a highly soluble and colorless crystal with a density of 3.93g/cm3. It is a kind of polytungstic acid with the formula H6 [H2 (W3O10) 4] • nH2O, in which n is 10 or 23. It decomposes at 50°C. Its solubility is 88.57g/100cm3 (in water, at the temperature of 25°C).

Metatungstic acid can be made from the salt of metatungstic acid (metatungstate).metatungstic acid picture
Metoplutamate is an important industrial product developed in the late 1970s. It is mainly used as a catalyst. Ammonium metatungstate, a type of metatungstate, can be obtained from ammonium paratungstate (APT), or from microcrystalline, powdery white tungstic acid. Many other metatungstates, including a variety of metal salts, can be directly or indirectly prepared from the white tungstic acid, which show microcrystalline powder.

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