White Tungstic Acid

White tungstic acid is one of different types of tungstic acid, showing the appearance of white crystalline powder. It is less active than microcrystalline structure white tungstic acid. However, it is active, optical sensitive and can be easy reduced. Its chemical formula is mWO3•nH2O. There is powder and colloform, and the latter is difficult to be prepared.

Producing Methods
1. Can be produced by adding dilute nitric acid into sodium tungstate solution.
2. Decompose peroxide tungstate solution by nitric acid.white tungstic acid picture
1. More and more experiments show that tungstic acid is not only important in tungsten chemistry, but also in tungsten metallurgy. It can be used for the preparation of tungsten carbide, and low metal cluster metal compounds of tungsten, etc.
2. The precipitation is quantitative within certain acidity. Therefore, it can be used to quickly determine the tungsten concentration in solution.

Packaging containers should be intact. And it should be stored in a cool, ventilated and dry warehouse.

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