submicron tungsten carbide powder

Submicron tungsten carbide powder is a tungsten carbide powder with a particle size of less than 1μm. It is widely used in cutting tools and wear parts, and can be prepared by high energy ball milling.

Submicron tungsten carbide powder has a wide range of applications in cutting tools and wear parts, including micro-drills, end mills, dies, nozzles, and precision metal forming dies.

submicron tungsten carbide powder picturePreparation
The high-energy ball milling method is an important method for preparing submicron tungsten carbide powder, and has the advantages of low cost, high yield, and simple process. It is different from the traditional low-energy ball mill. The traditional ball milling process only smashes and homogenizes the material. In the high-energy ball milling process, due to the high velocity of the medium ball, the powder particles will undergo plastic deformation and the solid phase transformation. It achieve the purpose of refining particles and synthesizing new substances.

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