High Quality Superfine Tungsten Carbide Powder

High quality superfine tungsten carbide powder is a raw material for the production of ultra-fine grain cemented carbide. It has high hardness and wear resistance as well as high strength and impact toughness.

Its total carbon makes tungsten carbide phase in the two-phase zone, and the free carbon content is not more than 0.05%;
Its average particle size is not more than 1μm, and the main particle size of less than 2μm is greater than 70%;
Its iron content is not more than 0.02%.

high quality superfine tungsten carbide powder picturePreparation
High quality superfine tungsten carbide powder can be prepared by spray drying. The spray drying method is a thermochemical synthesis method, which is a method combining a chemical and a physical method to atomize a solution to obtain ultrafine particles through physical means. The superfine tungsten carbide powder prepared by the method has good quality, uniform particle size, large specific surface area and high porosity.

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