Super Coarse Tungsten Carbide Powder

Super coarse tungsten carbide powder is tungsten carbide powder with particularly coarse grain size, sieve size ≥40 mesh and iron content about 0.2%. It is the raw material for producing hard surface materials and tungsten carbide. It can be prepared by the aluminothermic reduction carbide method.

Super coarse tungsten carbide powder has a very coarse grain and is an excellent raw material for hard surface materials. However, it is used for the manufacture of hard alloys, and special processing is required to refine grains and purify impurities.

super coarse tungsten carbide powder picturePreparation
The distinctive feature of the aluminothermic reduction carbide method is that it can directly produce extra-thick tungsten carbide with molybdenum concentrate, and carbonization is sufficient. The process of this method has the advantage of high recovery rate and short process flow,and it can produce super coarse tungsten carbide powder from wolframite, scheelite or a mixture of both, and artificial wolfram.

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