Nickel Based Tungsten Carbide Alloy Powder

Nickel based tungsten carbide alloy powder has good stress abrasive wear resistance, good corrosion resistance and high temperature oxidation resistance. It can effectively enhance the wear resistance of the workpiece, and is widely used in civilian applications.

Nickel based self-fluxing tungsten carbide powder has good sphericity, low oxygen content, and good self-fluxing properties; the sprayed layer has high hardness and uniform microstructure, and the performance is similar to the hybrid type.

nickel based tungsten carbide alloy powder pictureApplications
Nickel based tungsten carbide alloy powder has excellent properties, and is widely used in the field of civil wear resistant coatings, such as the surface spray welding of drawing machine drums and tower wheels, guide plates, scrapers, fan blades, and screw conveyors. Enhancing the surface performance of parts is one of the important measures to prolong the service life of parts. Thermal spraying is one of the most commonly used methods for preparing surface protective coatings.

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