Tungsten Carbide Self-fluxing Alloy powder

Tungsten carbide self-fluxing alloy powder has low oxygen content (about 300ppm), good sphericity, good self-fluxing property, mature powder preparation process, stable coating hardness and high performance, and is widely used in thermal spraying. There are three preparation methods: atomization method, mechanical mixing and sintering methods.

tungsten carbide self-fluxing alloy powder pictureThe spray welding process of tungsten carbide self-fluxing alloy powder prepared by atomization method has good performance, uniform chemical composition, no macro-segregation, and tungsten carbide is not easily oxidized, but the content of tungsten carbide is not too high.
Tungsten carbide self-fluxing alloy powder prepared by mechanical mixing method can greatly increase the content of tungsten carbide, but the composition of the coating is segregated; the sintering method is to first sinter the tungsten carbide together with the nickel, and then mechanically mix with the nickel-based self-fluxing alloy powder. The powder prepared by this method has small segregation of coating components, but the cost is high.

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