Cobalt Coated Tungsten Carbide Coating Powder

Cobalt coated tungsten carbide coating powder is tungsten carbide powder as the core, which is coated with a layer of metal cobalt evenly around it. The powder has high anti-wear performance and is a good wear-resistant material. It is widely used in the abrasion-resistant coating of aircraft engines and can also be used to prepare carbides.

Due to the relatively uniform coating of metallic cobalt around the tungsten carbide powder core, the loss of carbon and oxidation of the core can be reduced in the spray coating technique. Because cobalt is relatively uniform coated on the surface of the tungsten carbide powder, the bonding between the metals is enhanced during spraying, so the coating has higher abrasion resistance.

cobalt coated tungsten carbide coating powder pictureApplications
Cobalt coated tungsten carbide coating powder obtained by plasma spraying, explosion spraying, etc. It has the characteristics of high wear resistance, and can be used to manufacture or repair wearable parts on a machine. It can also be used to replace a general mechanical mixed powder to manufacture cemented carbide and can also be widely used in aircraft engine wear parts spray.
The powdered raw materials that are currently widely used in industry and used as a powder coating for wear-resistant materials are generally cobalt-coated tungsten carbide coating powders.

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