Cobalt Coated Tungsten Carbide Powder

Cobalt coated tungsten carbide powder is tungsten carbide powder as the core, and it is coated with a layer of metallic cobalt evenly around it. It is a kind of composite powder material used for plasma and explosive spraying process. It is widely used in surface spraying of components in special environments such as aerospace, aviation and metallurgy.

cobalt coated tungsten carbide powder pictureApplications
In the special environment of aerospace, aviation and metallurgical industries, cobalt coated tungsten carbide powder is used to spray the surface of related parts. It has the following features:
It can effectively play the role of wear and corrosion resistance, especially high temperature abrasion.
Cobalt coated carbide coating treated by plasma and explosion spraying process is micro-metallurgic combined with the surface of parts and components. Its strength is reliable.
Parts that work under harsh conditions (such as blast furnace slag, aircraft engine blades, etc.) and superalloys cannot necessarily adapt to specific environments. The cobalt coated tungsten carbide coating can be greatly improved, and can reduce the material of the substrate material to achieve the same purpose of improving the service life.

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