Fine Grain Size Tungsten Carbide Powder

Fine grain size tungsten carbide powder has high purity, uniform particle size, and good dispersion. It is a basic raw material for fine-grained tungsten carbide production. When stored, it should be stored in a dry, ventilated, acid-free atmosphere to prevent oxidation. The storage period should not exceed six months.

The degree of surface oxidation of fine-grained tungsten carbide powder is closely related to the storage time. The longer the storage time, the more severe the oxidation. Too long storage time will seriously affect the process performance of fine-grained tungsten carbide powder, causing great difficulties for production and processing.

fine grain size tungsten carbide powder pictureAlthough fine grain size tungsten carbide powders that are stored for a long time may sometimes be used to suppress products with relatively simple shapes or stress conditions, they must be used in the production of products such as spoon-shaped teeth. .

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