Graded Tungsten Powder

Graded tungsten powder has the advantages of fine particle size, large specific gravity, and high purity. It is a raw material for preparing thorium tungsten cathode and micro tungsten filter. It can be prepared by fluidization and dynamic suspension sedimentation and classification.

Graded tungsten powder is used to make thorium-tungsten cathodes and micro tungsten filters, which can significantly improve and control the physical properties of such products and materials. The thorium-tungsten cathode emission properties prepared with graded tungsten powder have been significantly improved and improved.

graded tungsten powder picturePreparation
Graded tungsten powder is organically combined by fluidization and dynamic suspension sedimentation and classification. Air is used as the classification medium to fully disperse the powder and classify it, effectively overcoming or reducing powder pseudo-granulation, wall effect phenomenon and fluidized bed layer. Holding a fine powder phenomenon, a graded tungsten powder meeting the special requirements of a thorium-tungsten cathode in particle size composition was prepared.

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