Reduced Tungsten Powder

Reduced tungsten powder is a tungsten powder made by reduction method. Its purity, particle size, particle size composition and other properties mainly depend on the reduction process. The commonly used reduction methods include hydrogen reduction method, tungsten oxide carbon reduction method, tungsten chloride hydrogen reduction method, etc.

In the reduction of tungsten powder in a tube furnace, the main process parameters that affect the reduction rate are the reduction temperature, the loading of tungsten oxide in the boat, the speed of boat movement, the hydrogen flow rate, and the moisture content in hydrogen. As the reduction temperature increases, the particle size of the tungsten powder becomes coarser.

reduced tungsten powder picturePreparation of tungsten powder In addition to the hydrogen reduction method, there is the early tungsten oxide carbon reduction method, the reduction temperature is higher than 1050°C. The tungsten powder obtained by this method has a low purity. In addition, the process of reducing tungsten oxide is also in progress with aluminum, calcium, zinc, etc. For special applications requiring high-purity, ultra-fine particle size tungsten powder, tungsten carbide hydrogen reduction method has been developed, and the tungsten powder particle size obtained can be less than 0.05μm.

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