Crystalline Ammonium Metatungstate

Crystalline ammonium metatungstate is an important intermediate compound (or raw material) for the production of tungsten products. And tungsten products are important industrial raw materials, whose impurity content should be strictly controlled and accurately detected. In recent years, the requirements for purity of AMT has become higher and higher so that more and more impurity elements should be analyzed. Among them, the determination of trace bismuth in crystalline ammonium metatungstate is available by coprecipitation-hydride generation-atomic fluorescence spectrometry. And hydride generation-atomic fluorescence spectrometry (HG-AFS) has the advantages of high sensitivity, good selectivity, and small matrix interference.crystalline ammonium metatungstate picture
Coprecipitation of bismuth (Bi) with lanthanum hydroxide was to be separated and concentrated. It was found that the bismuth could be recovered after two times of coprecipitation. The optimum experimental parameters and the effect of coexistent elements on the determination of bismuth were investigated. The detection limit and determination limit of Bi were 0.020ng/mL and 0.012μg/g respectively. The recoveries were 92.8%~108.4% and the RSD was 4.6%.

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