Chemically Pure Sodium Tungstate

Chemically pure sodium tungstate is a good inhibitor for carbon steel in simulated seawater, and the inhibition efficiency increased with the increase of inhibitor concentration, and the adsorption of sodium tungstate onto the surface of carbon steel followed the amended Langmuir adsorption isotherm equation.

Composite of sodium tungstate and SLS has better corrosion performance than that of sodium tungstate alone, which shows excellent synergistic effect. Compound inhibitor has higher efficiency, with lower Tafel slope on the cathode and anode and significantly reduces corrosion current density. Compound inhibitor is a mixed-type inhibitor.chemically pure sodium tungstate image
The above results are concluded from the experiment: To investigate the corrosion inhibition performances of sodium tungstate and the sodium tungstate-SLS composite on Q235 steel in simulated seawater. Effects of inhibitor additions on the corrosion inhibition efficiency were studied using weight loss of tested pieces. Based on the electrochemical polarization curve and impedance test, the inhibition efficiencies and related fitting data of sodium tungstate inhibitor when used alone or in combination were compared.

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