Industrial Grade Sodium Tungstate Dihydrate

Industrial grade sodium tungstate dihydrate is also known as technical grade sodium tungstate dihydrate with molecular formula of Na2WO4•2H2O. The thermal decomposition of Na2WO4•2H2O and its kinetics was studied in a static air by TG-DTG.

The thermal decomposition process of the Na2WO4•2H2O occurred in one stage. By the kinetic method of processing thermal analysis data put forward by Malek et al, it is defined that the kinetics model for the dehydration process in SB (m, n). The activation energy E and the pre-exponential factor lnA for this step reaction are 91.32 and 29.65 kJ•mol-1, respectively.industrial grade sodium tungstate dihydrate picture
What is TG-DTG?
TG, the short for thermal gravity analysis, refers to an analysis of the weight reduction rate of a sample under a specified heating curve (rate). From the curve, it can be seen that at what temperature did the weight loss of sample is the greatest.

DTG, differential thermal gravity for short, is a differential curve of TG. It is not easy to distinguish the step of TG curve if the weight loss temperature is very close, while the temperature can be obviously seen if DTG curve is made.

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