Tungsten Heater

Tungsten heater is produced using tungsten wire as raw material with many different types. It can be applied for aluminum plating in kinescope, vacuum sputtering, reflectors of headlight used in automotive, and so on.tungsten heater picture
Tungsten Heater Used for Aluminum Plating in Kinescope
A smooth, dense and mirror bright aluminum film must be evaporated behind the screen in the manufacture of color picture tube to bring a stable potential to the surface of fluorescent screen. And aluminum film behind phosphor, with high reflectivity, reflects the light energy emitted from the fluorescent film to the screen, thereby improving the brightness and contrast of the picture tube. The tungsten heater is a heating material that heats the aluminum pellets and evaporates them to form an aluminum film. There is another type of heating material used in the manufacturing of color picture tube during aluminum evaporation process - boron nitride.

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