Tungsten Boat

Tungsten boat can be used as an atomic absorption spectrometer in tungsten-boat Pb&Cd analyzer, which specializes in detecting blood lead and blood cadmium. This tungsten-boat Pb&Cd analyzer has the advantages of rapid temperature rise, low power, high sensitivity, high temperature resistance, resistance to oxidation, and high precision.

However, most testing organizations currently choose to manually inject samples. So, there are certain technical requirements for experimental personnel to ensure the precision of data.tungsten boat picture
To compare and evaluate tungsten-boat Pb&Cd analyzer with graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry (GF-AAS) for blood lead analysis, the precision, detection limit and lower limit of quantization of tungsten-boat Pb&Cd analyzer and GF-AAS were detected and compared.

The blood lead level of 76 samples was determined by both tungsten-boat Pb&Cd analyzer and GF-AAS, and the correlation of the two methods was analyzed. The determination of blood lead with both tungsten-boat Pb&Cd analyzer and GF-AAS was good at precision, sensitivity and accuracy. The RSD is less than 7% for 4 different concentrations of blood lead. The detection limit and quantification limit of tungsten-boat Pb&Cd analyzer is 0.6μg/L and 1.9μg/L, respectively. The detection limit and quantification limit of GF-AAS is 0.5μg/L and 1.6μg/L, respectively.

According to the results, there are no significant differences between tungsten-boat Pb&Cd analyzer and GF-AAS. Both tungsten-boat Pb&Cd analyzer and GF-AAS are consistent with the methodological requirement, The results of blood samples are in high correlation, and are adaptable for blood lead detection.

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