Tungsten Wire

Tungsten wire has the advantages of high melting point (3422°C) and fast heating rate. It can be used as an atomizer in electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometer, combining with the advantages of small-sized charge-coupled device (CCD) as a detector; thereby making the spectrometer has the advantages of low energy consumption and miniaturization.

At present, the portable tungsten coil electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometer (W-coil ETAAS) has been applied in many fields such as simultaneous determination of multiple elements, chemical modifiers, electrothermal evaporation devices, and the like.tungsten wire picture
The zinc may be determined by W-coil ETAAS method, thus solving the problem of high blank absorption in the determination of zinc in real samples. Various conditions influencing extraction and determination were optimized. The quantification limit of the proposed method was found to be 5μg/L based on a sampling volume of10μL. The established technique was validated via analyzing three certified reference materials with satisfactory results.

Preparation of standards and sample solutions for determination of trace zinc by W-coil electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry:
After the zinc ion in distilled water reacting with ammonium pyrrolidine dithiocarbamate (APDC) to form a complex and then was extracted into CCl4, the organic phase was discarded and the aqueous phase was used for the preparation of standards and sample solutions.

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