Cleaned Tungsten Wire

Cleaned tungsten wire  is referred as to the tungsten wire that has been electrolytically cleaned and polished with smooth and clean surface.

Cleaned tungsten wire can be used in an atomizer. Tungsten atomizer has the advantages of small size and low energy consumption. Also, it is suitable for on-site and real time analysis. Therefore, it will play an important role in the field of atomic spectral analysis. It is the demand of the conservation-oriented and environmentally friendly modern society to research and develop the miniaturized analytical instrument.cleaned tungsten wire picture
Why is tungsten wire applied in auxiliary atomization?
1. Problems arise: Incomplete atomization of hydrides.
2. Possible cause: The traditional quartz tube atomizer has problems such as uneven temperature distribution, i.e., lower center temperature than the surface temperature of the atomizer, and the like.
3. Solution: Place the tungsten wire inside the heated quartz tube, electric heating tungsten wire to atomize the hydride.
After the tungsten wire is installed in the quartz tube, its central temperature can reach 1600°C, which greatly improves the atomization efficiency of hydride.

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