Tungsten Rhenium Wire

Tungsten rhenium wire has the characteristics of good tensile strength, elongation, anti-seismic performance and non-sag performance so that it can be used to produce filaments for lighting.tungsten rhenium wire picture
Performance Comparison of Tungsten Rhenium Wire and Tungsten Aluminum Wire
The performance of tungsten rhenium wire is better than that of tungsten aluminum wire, which can be seen from the following points:
1. The density of tungsten rhenium wire is 19.65g/cm3, and tungsten aluminum wire is 19.3g/cm3.
2. The elongation of tungsten rhenium wire at room temperature is 25.7%, and the tungsten aluminum wire is 6.5%.
3. The production yield rate from billet to finished wire is 98.7% for tungsten rhenium wire, and 98% for tungsten aluminum wire.
4. The test results of anti-seismic performance when it is installed in lamp: Under the conditions of amplitude of 10~20mm, frequency of 5~10times/s, seismic strength of tungsten rhenium wire is 3 times that of tungsten aluminum wire.

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