Straightened Tungsten Wire

Straightened tungsten wire has the characteristics of high temperature performance, good machining performance, high recrystallization temperature, and good resistance to high temperature sag performance so that it can be directly cut for manufacturing tungsten needle or electrode.straightened tungsten wire picture
Straightened tungsten wire includes straightened black tungsten wire, straightened cleaned tungsten wire, straightened tungsten rhenium wire, and the like. This type of tungsten wire can be obtained through drawing process and straightening process. Drawing process is to heat the metal tungsten to plasticity, then draw to the desired diameter and cut, finally cool it down.

Straightening tungsten wire can be used as an electrode for argon arc welding. The argon arc welding technology is the most widely used welding technology at home and abroad. In particular, manual tungsten argon arc welding has become an indispensable means for welding various metal structures.

Chinatungsten Online provides straightened tungsten wire with different length or weight by your special request.

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