Doped Tungsten Wire

Doped tungsten wire means the tungsten wire which is added with dispersion strengthening element K to increase the high temperature creep resistance. The grades are W31, W61, W91, and WR15.

The wire winding performance of the doped tungsten wire is related to its composition, structure properties, and wire winding conditions. Domestic manufacturers are facing a difficult problem - wire cracking. Therefore, it is of great significance to know the influence of tensile strength of doped tungsten wire upon wire winding performance.doped tungsten wire Chinatungsten picture
The variation trend of tensile strength of doped tungsten wire is analyzed under established technological conditions, and the influence of tensile strength of finished wire upon its wire winding performance is analyzed also. It is pointed that there is a safety zone in the production and use of tensile strength of doped tungsten wire, and in this safety zone, the rate of wire cracking of doped tungsten wire can be controlled under 3%.

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