Coiled Filament

Coiled filament can be used for the production of incandescent lamps, with single helix type, double helix type and other types.coiled filament picture
Why coiled filament is applied for producing incandescent lamps?
Here are some reasons:
1. The filament is very thin so that it is fragile if it is working under high temperature for a long time. While the helix structure can play a role of buffer to prevent it from breaking under vibration.

2. Light is emitted from the incandescent lamp by powering the resistance wire to generate high temperature. The spiral shape facilitates the accumulation of heat energy to ensure that the lamp works at the rated power.

3. The conductor resistance is related to the cross-sectional area and conductor length (R=K×L/S). The bigger the L is, the larger the R is. If the tungsten wire is straight, the bulb is too small to install it at all. Therefore, the tungsten filament is spiral.

4. The length of the filament is increased and the diameter of the filament is reduced due to the spiral structure, thereby increasing the resistance of the filament, making the incandescent lamp brighter.

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