Photoelectricity Tungsten Wire

Photoelectricity tungsten wire means the tungsten wire that is used in the photoelectric industry, such as fiber optic communication, photoelectric material and component, electro-optical display device, laser, optical storage, and so on.

The reason why tungsten wire can be used in photoelectric industry is due to its own excellent physical and chemical properties, such as high melting point, good corrosion resistance, high resistivity, low vapor pressure, and the like.photoelectricity tungsten wire Chinatungsten picture
With the rapid development of electric light source, there are increasingly higher requirements on the performance of tungsten wire.

It is difficult to accurately measure the diameter of tungsten wire with a conventional caliper when its diameter reaches micro grain size. Therefore, the diameter of tungsten wire is generally expressed in the world by the weight of a cutting length of 200nn from the tungsten wire with a diameter of 0.2mm or less.

Chinatungsten Online provides photoelectricity tungsten wire with different diameters and lengths.

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