Forging Tungsten Crucible

Forging tungsten crucible is referred as to the tungsten crucible that is manufactured by forging process, which mainly consists of three steps - blank preparation, forging and machining. Its density is generally greater than 19.0g/cm3, which almost reaches the theoretical density. While its diameter is usually less than 100mm.

The tensile strength and high temperature deformation resistance of tungsten crucible produced by forging method are better than that of tungsten crucible produced by other methods.forging tungsten crucible Chinatungsten picture
Producing Process of Forging Tungsten Crucible
1. Calculate the size and mass of the required tungsten rod in accordance with the finished product requirements. The relative density of the billet is generally at the range of 90%~95%.
2. Heat the tungsten rod in the hydrogen furnace to blanking temperature (1400-1600°C), keep warm for a period of time, and forge. Then, the blank is heated and forged again. Forge repeatedly until the deformation amount of the blank totally reaches 50%~60%. The forging process is completed until the shape and dimension conform to the design requirements.
3. Anneal the forged billet and machine it according to the size of the finished product.

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