Spinning Tungsten Crucible

Spinning tungsten crucible means the tungsten crucible is produced by spinning process, with high purity above 99.95%, density of 18.5-19.0g/cm3 and outer diameter of 50-300mm.

Spinning tungsten crucible has the characteristics of good quality, nice tensile strength, high hardness and high density, but it is difficult to operate as the hot rolling process and the spinning process are complex.spinning tungsten crucible picture
Producing Process of Spinning Tungsten Crucible
The tungsten sintered compact is prepared by powder metallurgy method, and is hot-rolled into thin plate of designed thickness by hot rolling. Then, the thin plate is processed into circular sheet, and placed on hot spinning machine. The tungsten plate and the mold remain concentric. After several times of spinning, the tungsten plate is changed into the shape of tungsten crucible. The thickness of the tungsten plate becomes thin and is closely adhered to the die, and then the spinning tungsten crucible is obtained after cooling. The heating temperature is about 1000°C. The reduction of thickness in each pass is controlled at about 0.5mm.

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