Tungsten Anode

Tungsten anode has the advantages of high melting point and excellent electron emission performance so that it can be used as the electrode material in arc lamp, such as anode of xenon lamp for movie projection.

Initially, the effect of tungsten anode in xenon lamp was not idea with short service life. After using a period of time, it began to darken and its brightness was greatly reduced. This was because the processing of tungsten anode at that time was relatively simple. In other words, the tungsten rod was sintered at high temperature and was directly used as a point light source without any processing.tungsten anode image
Later, it was found that the root cause for the blackening of the anode lies in: Tungsten anode did not solve its own thermal dissipation problem. This problem can be solved by slotting some heat dissipation grooves on the tungsten rod. Moreover, the heat dissipation effect can also be enhanced from other aspects. For example, by covering the molybdenum carbide layer on the surface of these grooves to strengthen the reflection; By processing the front end of the anode head into cone shape.

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