Tungsten Nut

Tungsten nut is a type of fastener with a threaded hole. And it is almost always used in conjunction with a mating bolt to fasten multiple parts together. In general, the nut and bolt are made of the same material.

In other words, the tungsten nut is matched with tungsten bolt. The two partners are kept together by a combination of their threads' friction (with slight elastic deformation), a slight stretching of the bolt, and compression of the parts to be held together.

Standards of tungsten nut are mainly national standard (GB), German standard (DIN), international standard (ISO), Japanese standard (JIS) and American standard (ASTM/ANSI). Among them, it is denoted by M in the GB, DIN, and JIS, such as M8, M16; And it is represented in ASTM/ANSI as 8#, 10#, 1/4, and 3/8, etc.tungsten nut image
Tungsten nut has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, high hardness and wear resistance so that it is generally used in high temperature furnaces and other high-temperature equipment or machinery. And therefore, tungsten nut can be seen in the following industries or machinery or equipment, such as the automotive industry, foundry industry, shipbuilding industry, compressor, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, drilling equipment, mining equipment, utility, rail transportation, transmission system, metallurgical equipment, wind power equipment and oil drilling rig.

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