Tungsten Nozzle

Tungsten nozzle, which can be made of pure tungsten, tungsten alloy or tungsten carbide, is a very important part in many kinds of equipment such as oil injection, sand blasting, and spraying, etc. And therefore, it can be used in many industries such as automobile industry, electroplating industry, and surface treatment industry, etc.tungsten nozzle image
Pure tungsten nozzle, tungsten alloy nozzle and tungsten carbide nozzle are different from each other in prosperities, such density, the density of pure tungsten nozzle is about 19.2~19.3g/cm3, the density of tungsten alloy nozzle is about 15-18.5g/cm3 and the density of tungsten carbide nozzle is about 14.4-1g/cm3.

You should choose nozzle in accordance with the following factors such as flow, pressure, spray angle, coverage area, impact force, temperature, material, and application, etc. These factors are often interrelated and mutually restrictive. Flow and pressure, spray angle and coverage area are all proportional. And flow is more important than pressure.

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