Tungsten Alloy Radiation Shielding Pot

Tungsten alloy radiation shielding pot is well-known as a lead-free shielding pot, an environmentally friendly shielding pot, or a non-toxic shielding pot, for shielding radioactive substances containing radionuclide-labeled biological agents, medicines, etc. In other words, tungsten alloy radiation shielding pot can be used to store and transport radioactive injections and medicines.

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Tungsten alloy radiation shielding pot has better ionizing radiation absorption performance (radiation shielding performance), corrosion resistance and wear resistance than traditional lead shielding pot. And it is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Lead is a heavy metal. It is toxic and will pollute the environment. In addition, tungsten alloy has a higher hardness, so it is more suitable than lead for manufacturing large containers and large equipment. While lead will collapse due to its own weight. Therefore, tungsten alloy is gradually replacing the application of lead in the medical field.

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