Tungsten Trioxide Radiation Protection

Tungsten Trioxide is a yellow powder, which can be made into metal fiber radiation protection clothing for medical protection. It is characterized by strong shielding effect, good air permeability and good washability.

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It is known that in the past, radiation protection mainly included lead-boron polyethylene, boron-containing polypropylene, cadmium plate, boron steel, tungsten-based high molecular weight alloy, boron carbide and aluminum-based boron carbide. Only Pb-B polyethylene can shield X-rayY-Y-ray neutron at the same time, and other materials may only shield one of X - ray, Y - ray or neutron. However, Pb-B polyethylene material contains a large amount of Pb, which is a source of heavy metal pollution and easy to cause heavy metal poisoning in the use process. Due to the high mobility of Pb, it is easy to remove the composite material, which will pose a safety threat to the radioactive workers. In addition, lead has some disadvantages, such as secondary radiation, poor hardness, poor structural strength, and no high temperature resistance. Therefore, as a shielding material for nuclear radiation, lead can no longer meet the needs of modern protection concepts.v

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In order to deal with environmental protection and solve the problem of lead-free and X-ray and Y-ray neutron shielding materials in radiation technology, relevant researchers have devoted themselves to researching a lead-free high-energy shielding composite material. Tungsten Trioxide is the best choice for preparing this kind of high-energy radiation shielding composite material.

Tungsten Trioxide, as a kind of high-energy ray shielding composite material, not only retains its advantages, but also makes up for the deficiency of lead. Compared with the disadvantages of heavy lead pollution, easy poisoning, poor structure and secondary radiation, the radiation protection clothing made of Tungsten Trioxide is more environment-friendly, non-toxic and pollution-free, and it is a relatively green and safe material, so don't worry too much about causing additional environmental protection costs in industry.

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