Tungsten Trioxide & Environmental Protection

With the continuous progress of science and technology, human quality of life has been greatly improved, but must the development of science and technology bring a good side to mankind? Not necessarily, but also has negative effects. For example, people pay more attention to pollution, which is the “sequela” left by the treatment technology failing to keep up with the development of science and technology. In order to reduce the pollution level, relevant researchers are committed to finding an efficient and environmentally protection material, and Tungsten Trioxide (WO3) can be used as this material.

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Tungsten Trioxide is a semiconductor material with excellent performance and wide applications, especially as a photocatalyst, which has wide application prospects in photolysis of water and degradation of environmental organic and inorganic pollutants such as air and water. For example, in common wastewater treatment, Tungsten Trioxide powder can be used as catalyst, and the ideal wastewater chroma removal rate can be achieved by testing the pH value of wastewater and adjusting the input amount of photocatalyst and illumination time. In the treatment of oily wastewater, the Tungsten Trioxide film prepared by hydrothermal method can effectively separate the oil-water mixture and oil-in-water emulsion which are simply layered by gravity.

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Tungsten Trioxide can not only be used to control water pollution, but also to save energy. Because of its long cycle life, obvious color-changing reaction, long memory time and high stability, it can be widely used to make energy-saving products. For example, smart glass and solar cell substrates are good examples. In summer, smart glass can isolate ultraviolet rays and improve the cooling effect of cold air. In winter, it is possible to keep the glass transparent and raise the indoor temperature without applying a voltage. In the solar cell substrate, Tungsten Trioxide as its coating can prolong the service life, improve the reaction speed and enhance the stability.

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