Tungsten Copper Electrode For Electric Spark

Tungsten copper electrode material should have stable EDM process, high productivity, good surface quality of the workpiece, and the electrode material itself should be rich in source and low in price. In the tungsten copper composite, tungsten can form a poorly soluble framework, which makes the material resistant to electrical isolation, wear and high temperature, while copper has excellent conductivity.

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Tungsten Copper Electrode Picture

Tungsten Copper Electrode Picture

Tungsten copper alloys are well combined with the characteristics of tungsten and copper to give them a good overall performance. During the EDM operation, any structural appearance of the electrode material is reflected on the surface of the workpiece like a mirror. Therefore, the preparation of high-density tungsten-copper alloy is the key to obtain high-performance tungsten-copper electrode. The incompatibility between tungsten and copper determines that tungsten-copper alloy can only be produced by powder metallurgy. The common methods are common sintering method and infiltration method, but it is difficult to obtain high relative density tungsten copper alloy.

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