Fine Grain Size Tungsten Carbide Powder

Fine grain size tungsten carbide powder has fine particle size and is an important raw material for producing hard alloy. It can make tungsten carbide with excellent properties such as high hardness, high wear resistance, and high toughness.

The quality of grain size tungsten carbide powder directly affects the quality of tungsten carbide. Chinatungsten Online can provide high quality tungsten carbide powder, which can enable you to obtain the tungsten carbide with uniform structure and excellent overall performance.

fine grain size tungsten carbide powder picturePreparation
The superfine secondary ammonium tungstate was selected as the raw material. Adjusting the process parameters in the rotary kiln through the traditional optimization process to produce submicron tungsten trioxide and purple tungsten oxide. Then the two tungsten oxides were produced in the reduction furnace by reverse hydrogen low temperature rapid reduction process to obtain nanometer tungsten powder, and finally using fine tungsten powder as a raw material to produce fine-grained tungsten carbide powder by low-temperature rapid carbonization.

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