Standard Nano Tungsten Carbide Powder

Standard nano tungsten carbide powder is a raw material for the preparation of standard nano tungsten carbide, and can be prepared using superfine particles APT as a raw material by an optimized conventional process.

The good standard nano carbide powder can be used to make the standard nano tungsten carbide with uniform structure and excellent comprehensive performance. The grain size of standard nano tungsten carbide is mostly between superfine crystals and nano crystals, and it has excellent properties such as higher strength, hardness, toughness, and wear resistance than common cemented carbides.

standard nano tungsten carbide powder picturePreparation
Utilizing the superfine APT as raw materials, standard nano carbide powders were prepared using an optimized traditional process. Superfine APT with Fsss size of less than 5μm is used as raw material. Nano WO3 with uniform BET particle size of 0.2~0.3μm can be prepared by optimized low-temperature calcination process.
Nano WO3 is prepared under optimized reducing conditions such as low temperature, rapid and high purity hydrogen. The nanometer tungsten powder with a BET particle size of 30~50nm is obtained with good uniformity and dispersibility; the nano tungsten powder can be prepared with 0.15μm standard nano carbide powder under low-temperature and rapid carbonization conditions.

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