Medium Grain Size Tungsten Carbide Powder

Medium grain size tungsten carbide powder can be prepared by a high-temperature reduction-carbonization process, and the grain development is complete, the crystal lattice defects are small, the carbonization is complete, and the size is uniform.

The average grain size of YG20C alloy produced by high temperature carbonization of medium grain size tungsten carbide powder reaches 2.4 μm or more. The properties of alloy are comparable to those of YG20C produced by high temperature reduction high temperature carbonization process. The microstructure of the alloy is more homogeneous and better microstructure, microscopic defects is less.

medium grain size tungsten carbide powder picturePreparation
Tungsten carbide powder is prepared by high-temperature reduction and high-temperature carbonization production process and has full development, complete carbonization and concentrated particle size distribution. It is used as the raw material for preparing low cobalt carbide tungsten carbide which has the complete grain development, the small crystal lattice defects, the complete carbonization, and the uniform size.

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