Coarse Crystalline Tungsten Carbide Powder

Coarse crystalline tungsten carbide powder has some special properties and special applications that are different from those of medium and fine grain size tungsten carbide powders. It has gained increasing attention in various industrial fields.

The traditional method for preparing coarse crystalline tungsten carbide powder is to use tungsten trioxide for high-temperature reduction to obtain particulate tungsten powder, and then coarse-grain tungsten powder for high-temperature carbonization to obtain coarse-grained tungsten carbide powder.

coarse crystalline tungsten carbide powder pictureThe production process of coarse crystalline tungsten carbide powder, in addition to the traditional high-temperature reduction high-temperature carbonization method, has also appeared in the high-temperature carbonization of medium-grain tungsten powder and high-temperature carbonization of fine-grain tungsten powder; aluminum heat reduction carbide method coarse tungsten carbide powder technology; In addition, special graded method to obtain high-quality coarse-grain tungsten carbide powder and other processes.

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