[Know Tungsten] Tungsten Concentrate Coarse Separation – Photoelectric Separation 302

Tungsten concentrate coarse separation is gathering tungsten ore from mine, then enters the first premium grade separation process before gravity separation. Due to uneven distribution of tungsten concentrate in quartz vein mines, tailings mixed in the gathering process is huge. Separate tungsten concentrate and tailings at primary stage can promote efficiency of subsequent processes, save cost, time and lower wastage.

[Know Tungsten] Tungsten Scheelite Flotation Equipment – Eddy-flow Micro-Bubble Flotation Column 155

Flotation column is a new type of tungsten scheelite flotation equipment, it has a simple structure, small footprint, low cost, high degree of automation, low infrastructure investment, good flotation index and many other advantages, and gradually become mainstream in tungsten ore flotation. http://news.chinatungsten.com/en/tungsten-information/95988-ti-12279

[Know Tungsten] Tungsten Concentrate Spiral Chute Beneficiation 340

Spiral chute beneficiation utilizes the water current flow from slope into chute, under vertical movement to separate ore and grit. It utilizes different proportion and density to separate mine and gangue mineral. In recent years, it has gradually taken place of tabling beneficiation. http://news.chinatungsten.com/en/tungsten-information/95983-ti-12274